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Looking for the perfect scent pack? Look no further! Each Titan has their own scent category that they prefer over others so why not make bundle packs just for that! 

The bundle categories include:

- Sweet Bakery Edition: do you want your place to smell like someones baking delicious treats in your oven? Bundle includes TWELVE characters

- Earth & Wood Edition: do you want to feel like you're living in your favorite fantasy book? Frolicking through the forest to embark on a journey? Bundle includes TWELVE characters

- Fresh & Clean Edition: imagine waking up in a beach house, with the windows open and wind gently breezing through. Bundle includes TWELVE characters

- Fruity & Floral Edition: sweet and wood had a baby and made this bundle. Bundle includes TWELVE characters

- Book Boyfriend Edition: the characters in this bundle all have masculine scents, like mens cologne. pop one in your wax warmer while reading your favorite book and BAM! it's like he's there with you! (War is my favorite from this bundle) Have you read Laura Thalassa's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse series yet? Bundle includes TWELVE characters


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